Jess Archer speaking at a conference

About Me

My name is Jess Archer and I am a passionate web application developer from Brisbane, Australia with over 15 years professional experience.

I have been interested in computers for as long as I can remember and have played with everything from hardware and networking to operating systems and servers.

The first website I ever built was a fan site for the sci-fit sitcom Red Dwarf using Claris Homepage. I taught myself HTML by making changes in the WYSIWYG editor and looking at the HTML it generated. I have come a long way since, but I've never stopped learning everything I can.

I worked as an IT technician and then consultant before switching to web development. I have built and maintained a referral system for the police, a chemical warehouse management system, a POS system, an online banking anti-fraud tool, a CMS, a CRM, numerous e-commerce systems and hundreds of websites. I have also worked on Australia's largest client case management system for the community sector.

I am an advocate for open-source software, digital freedom and privacy, best practices, user experience, and developer experience.

I am currently passionate about building web application using the Laravel PHP framework and the Vue.js JavaScript framework.

When I'm not coding (and sometimes when I am) I like to eat spicy food, drink dark beer, ride fast motorcycles, and listen to heavy music.

I am available for consulting and I am open to hearing about projects you'd like to collaborate on.

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